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CSABA METÁL LTD is a company in 100% Hungarian private ownership. The founder and the general director of the company is Bela Majoros graduated as engineer.

The high pressure die casting foundry is located in Békéscsaba, where aluminium high pressure die castings are manufactured mainly to the automotive industry. The parts manufactured in Békéscsaba can be found in many well-known passenger cars, such as Peugeot, Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Citroen, Ferrari, Fiat, Ford, Jaguar, Mercedes, Nissan, Opel, Porsche , Renault, Rover, Toyota, Volvo, Volkswagen

Steelframe branch of the company in Szeghalom was aquired in 2005. This factory manufactures bus chassis, superstructures, air and fuel tanks, chasiss for other vehicles, trailers and different components. In 2011 for the development and manufacture of the URBANUS midibus the company was given the „Hungarian Product Award”

Brief introduction of the foundry

The factory in Békéscsaba manufactures aluminium high pressure die castings almost only for the automotive industry as Tier2 supplier. In 2003 we started to deliver directly to OEMS as Tier1 supplier. Here you can find further information about the foundry and its products.

There are 400 employees in the foundry working in 3 shifts – 5 days a week. In 2012 the total company turnover reached 28 million euro.

The production area is 8000 m2, logistics and warehouse area 1200 m2, service office and social buildings are more 850 m2.

Attached movie shows the main stepes of manufacturing and our technology. You can find here detailed information about the technology used.



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