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At the end of 2011 the company started with its most important investment in its history also. In the middle of 2012 a new foundry hall was built with an area of 4100 m2. In connection with this modern manufacturing equipments were purchased. The total value of the investment is around 3 billion HUF supported by sources originating from successful tenders. Part of the investment are 3 high performance die casting cells. With this the available product range includes parts from 40 g up to 25000 g.

The new foundry building is equipped with modern production cells with foundry robots, dosing furnaces, trimming presses. Accordingly to this investment the melting capacity and the material moving equipment has been expanded.

A high efficient vapour degreasing units and leak test devices are in operation enabling us to meet the cleanliness and leakage requirements.

Market position of Csaba Metal has strengthened recently. It is in good position among the foundries in Hungarian private ownerhsip.

The competitiveness of Csaba Metal Ltd is thanks to its ablility to react flexibly to the rapid changing environmental conditions. The owner of the company Bela Majoros and its management gives big freedom to the innovative abilities of the employees. The decision mechanism of the company is extremly fast in terms of investment and applying new technology.


for automotve industry:

  • electonic control units (ECU panels)
  • parts for cars’ antivibration system
  • brake parts
  • parts for lightening system (reflector housings, lamp sockets, control cases)
  • other elektric housings

for non-automotive industry:

  • furniture industry
  • other engineering industry (housings for garden machines)

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